Zaha Hadid – Architectural Homeware

Architect Zaha Hadid launched her first luxurious homeware capsule collection at the London department store Harrods this fall, that includes vessels, candelabras and a chess set.

At age 63, the Iraqi-born architect has established a reputation as unconventional and long lasting as any of the buildings from her remarkable portfolio, winning every prize out there. Zaha Hadid has long experimented with smaller creations, producing objects that range from furniture to shoes and jewellery.

The collection by Zaha Hadid Design consists of a series of new designs of the architect,  as well as some of her’s studio’s existing products for the home. Zaha’s signature fluid lines of her large-scale structures are well represented in this stunning collection.

Aqua Platter_Zaha_Hadid2The “Aqua” Platter was designed to echo the structure of Hadid’s London 2012 Olympic Aquatic Centre.

Aqua Platters-Fuschia Detail_Zaha_Hadid2

All the pieces are produced by experienced european craftsman with the ceramics cast in Stoke-on-Trent, England. The ceramic and bone china alongside translucent acrylic and dark resin pieces with neon chroma are made outstanding by their shapes and contrasting material.

Aqua Placematt - Lime2


ZHD_Rim Vessels_White2

ZHD_Rim_A1_Vessel2Geometric experiments for towers in Brisbane and Beijing have proved particularly fruitful as a source of inspiration, providing the basis for cups, saucers and flasks, as well as a gleaming resin chess set. You can do battle with your very own armies of Zaha Hadid skyscrapers, the rows of twisting totems facing off across the board, like the skyline of Shanghai squaring up to Dubai.

Field_Towers_Chess_Set_Zaha_Hadid2The long black candle stand features an angular braiding detail that is rendered beautifully in polished black bone china, they will add a whole new dimension to your candlelight dinner. There’s also a range of scented candles housed within vessels, based on studies for the architect’s skyscraper designs.

Braid_Candle_Holders _zaha_hadid2

Two scents, one for day and one for night,  in white and black containers respectively, were chosen by Hadid and her team.


The talented architect has got us used to her particular aesthetic with various projects and collaborations, from Lalique vases to a Fendi handbag to a Superyacht. But now she’s cutting out the middle-man and doing it herself, surprising us with her own homeware line.