Zaha Hadid Design Reveals Vitae Bathroom Collection for Porcelanosa

‘The Origin of Life’ was Zaha Hadid inspiration for the bathroom project for Porcelanosa. ‘Vitae’ includes brassware, a bathtub, sanitaryware, mirrors, and a toilet, each embodying dynamic, fluid shapes with a sensual personality. In the spirit of using liquid to define the arrangement of space, the collection makes use of the element of water to show both the purity and soft lines of its shapes.

bl-limited-edition-750The series of design objects offers the bathroom a new role in the home by turning it into a private retreat intended for relaxation, renovation and the purification of the body. The bathroom collection features abstracted elements and curved lines sourced from the extensive catalog of architectural projects by Zaha Hadid.

Zaha Hadid Design Reveals Vitae Bathroom Collection for Porcelanosa

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3Fluid geometries that evoke the ebb and flow of water are the continuing motif that connects a set of mirrors to a bidet, a faucet to a bathtub, and a toilet to a sink. For this reason, the series of objects has been named ‘vitae’, meaning ‘life’ in latin — a nod to water as the source and origin of humanity.

5Designed exclusively for Noken by Porcelanosa, the sanitaryware pieces, basins, and bidets are made by hand, each treated individually in fine detail. the porcelain used for the manufacturing is of the highest quality, and has optimum finishes, resistance, hardness and gloss.

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6Known as an architect who consistently pushes the boundaries of architecture and urban design, Zaha Hadid r work experiments with new spatial concepts intensifying existing urban landscapes and encompassing all fields of design, from the urban scale to interiors and furniture.

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