Unveiling Mast Brothers Exclusive Chocolates

Farm-to-fork has had a good run. But bean-to-bar? We hear it’s the next wave of hipster-approved craft chocolate. Think, single-origin bars from Papua New Guinea and unique blends that combine vanilla and smoke. Rather than gargantuan bags of over-roasted beans in bulk, Mast Brothers kick off their concoctions with various varietals of raw, super high-quality cacao beans.

Mast chocolate is made from bean to bar, in-house, preferring traditional methods. Unlike the commercial norm, Mast does not re-melt industrial chocolate and repackage it as its own (contrary to some confusing reports from our good friend, the internet).

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They begin by literally hand-sorting every bean, ensuring that impossibly high-quality standards are met. The cacao is then lightly roasted in small batches. A clean winnow gently removes the shells from the ‘nib’. The nibs are slowly refined under a granite stone wheel for nearly three days while they slowly incorporate the other ingredients.

The finished chocolate is poured into bar-shaped molds, cooled, set, and then wrapped. The Mast Brothers signature papers wrap the chocolate using antique equipment, repurposed to our custom style, and then labeled. Now the chocolate is ready to be shipped!

mast brothers

Founded by two bearded, lumberjack-looking brothers, Rich and Michael Mast, the Brooklyn-based chocolatiers artisanal approach to beans is only matched by the Pavlovian, salivary stimulating packaging. Looking more like something that would come out of the MOMA, Mast Brothers chocolate is wrapped in a delectable array of punchy prints, polka dots, painterly splatter. A treat for your taste buds and eyeballs alike.

mast brothers

Insider tip: The bros give tours of their facilities, with a step-by-step, “bean-to-bar” process, exploring just exactly what influences their flavor profiles and pairings.

Photography courtesy of: Mast Brothers

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