Inside a Manhattan Apartment With a Creative Collection of Art and Design

The designer Kimille Taylor transforms a Manhattan Apartment to show off her clients a magnificent collection of art and design.

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Sometimes the designer-client relationship goes beyond a single project and becomes a journey. The story begins with an art collector couple with three children, Kimille Taylor first designed a comfortably contemporary New York apartment and years later returned after clients bought a two-bedroom unit next door, to seamlessly tie the spaces together.

Living Room in Manhattan Apartment
Living Room in Manhattan Apartment

The now larger open living room consists of two spaces – each with a Taylor-designed circular “pop out” in the ceiling – joined by a freestanding sofa on two sides.

Living Room in Manhattan Apartment
Living Room in Manhattan Apartment

When they purchased the original apartment, the couple liked its size and the building’s modern glassenclosed architecture. However, they didn’t like the rooms, and Kimille Taylor created two bedrooms and a family area complete with a ping pong table for the kids.

The renovation of this apartment also involved moving the dining room to a newly opened area adjacent to the kitchen. Additionally, Taylor created a kitchenette at the entrance, with coral pink cabinets and large black-and-white finned doors.

I like a happy interior. The colors are layered and subtle—adding to the joy of this place.”

Kimille Taylor
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Dining Room in Manhattan Apartment
Dining Room in Manhattan Apartment

The dining room is filled with abstract art by other female talents, such as paintings by Carrie Moyer and Claire Falkenstein, while a fanciful ceiling light by Larose Guyon, which Taylor likens to a string of pearls, illuminates Harvey Probber’s table. In the open kitchen, there is a painting by Mel Bochner.

Kitchen in Manhattan Apartment
Kitchen in Manhattan Apartment
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The wife’s laid-back yet elegant office takes on a playful tone with a lavender resin lamp by Sabine Marcelis and wallpaper by AJ Bocchino from the headlines of the New York Times, color-coded by subject, which the wife calls “a genius selection.” ” by Taylor.

The office also features works by Anne Collier, Cindy Sherman, Marilyn Minter, Laurie Simmons, and Jack Pierson that make up a portfolio that was purchased from a non-profit organization that supports arts and creative programming for public schools.

Office in Manhattan Apartment
Office in Manhattan Apartment

The master bedroom also showcases female talent. Polly Apfelbaum’s colorful Lover’s Leap 13 print hangs above the bed, flanked by lamps from Taylor’s own line. You can also find wax oak lamps on Egg Collective’s bedside tables.

“We love how carefully Kimille designed it,” says the wife.

Master Bedroom in Manhattan Apartment
Master Bedroom in Manhattan Apartment

“This is an example of our collaboration, the apartament is really an expression of them.”

Kimille Taylor

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