Boca do Lobo’s Launches New Limited Edition Pieces

The new year has been a busy one for Portuguese luxury furniture brand Boca do Lobo. After a period of quieter product launches, the young company surprised the public at Maison et Objet Paris in January, with the launching of 5 new pieces.

Millionaire Safe

Strengthening their notorious Limited Edition Collection, each of the pieces were developed following Boca do Lobo’s ethos, where classic materials and techniques are explored, in a one-of-a-kind clash of aesthetics and lines. This time-travel innuendo, notably with the new Empire and Robin pieces, takes the public on a journey from concept, to design and furniture making processes.

Boca do Lobo Robin and Lapiaz

The new Robin mirror and Lapiaz console, presented for the first time in January’s edition of Maison et Objet. It’s sophisticated and we have never seen something like this before. Lapiaz Console is a totaly contemporary piece matching beautifully with the Robin Mirror – also very modern but with a Golden Age Touch.



The Empire Dining Table was one of the show’s central pieces. A unique design with hand hammered brass details, and a mirrored ebony root veneer. This is the great example of what it means to be a piece of art beyond a piece of furniture. This spectacular piece will not be invisible: it will make the room!


To add to the Empire line, Boca do Lobo developed a center table, with similar brass details and wood venner surface. Wood tables have been the trend for some time, and this is the ultimate recreation. It’s a wood table, but it never ceases to be eccentric, exquisite, different, unique – always in a good way: Boca do Lobo’s way!