Art is the idea of this work. According to Aristotle, it is through its idealization that the true essence of the author is found. Marco Costa, designer and Boca do Lobo’s Head designer, idealized a different concept for this table. Bonsai is a dining table that expresses the vision of its time, but also wins the in temporality in each detail. This piece distinguishes itself through its good taste and the sophisticated touch, as well as by the urban character and contemporary of its use.

 "contemporary dining tables" Bonsai Bonsai contemporary dining tables

Extremely simplicity, contemporary and seductive power: these are the characteristics reflected in each detail that will make you fall in love at first glimpse. Bonsai relates Boca do Lobo’s tradition of furniture, with the innovation and vanguard of contemporary art.

 "contemporary dining tables" Bonsai Bonsai contemporary dining tables 2

Bonsai is an empowering statement piece, a dimensional object of art that is suggestive of mineral and natural forms, as if suddenly crystallized the silhouette of a tree becomes a precious object. The inherent texture of the particleboard wood form is visible through its translucent rainforest tone, a Boca do Lobo custom colored high gloss varnish.

 "contemporary dining tables" Bonsai Bonsai contemporary dining tables 3

It is a reflection of an amazing work of extreme precision and nobility of the raw materials used. Techniques, materials and stories were reinvented to express Bonsai, the most sophisticated urban language. It is through this cohesive unity between the essence of furniture and innovation of its forms, that Bonsai becomes a timeless piece.

 "contemporary dining tables" Bonsai Bonsai contemporary dining tables 4

Idealized for a cosmopolitan and very demanding audience, Bonsai reveal its elegance in any interior setting. It is unique and relates intimately to the family and friend who share moments around it. Always current and surprising, Bonsai was conceived in detail to enhance the beauty and sophistication of a modern home decoration.