Bugs Invade the Luxury Furniture World

The Luxury Furniture World will never be the same. Why? Because a new concept has born this Spring. Yes, it’s true, Bugs invade the luxury furniture world and today we want to tell you the story behind this.

Bugs Bugs Invade the Luxury Furniture World bl limited edition 750With design engrained in Boca do Lobo’s DNA, the Portuguese brand created an astonishing new concept for luxury furniture and once again pushed forward interior design boundaries. Bugs are about metamorphosis and brings the best of Boca do Lobo vision to the luxury furniture world: an exclusive emotional experience by creating beautiful pieces which are passionately inspired and handcrafted in Portugal by a staff that loves what they do.

Bugs Invade the Luxury Furniture World Bugs Bugs Invade the Luxury Furniture World 1 1Bugs are strange and beautiful. And, for the first time, they are part f the exclusive furniture world. Boca do Lobo interior designers took these mundane elements to another level and a redefinition of furniture was born: Bugs.

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The story behind this edge design is simple: giving to the world creative and sensitive experiences by the dazzling world of limited edition collections. Bugs will be a 2016 Spring Trend. Why? They have a strong personality and they are fearless.

Bugs Bugs Invade the Luxury Furniture World 3The dynamic process of innovation and passion worked perfectly and it’s the main responsible for this creative piece. Flexible, strong and bold, these bugs can be used in an enormous range of possibilities, from sideboards to mirrors. There’re no limits for these bugs and they have the special ability to give a new heat to every furniture piece they touch,

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If you have an old wall mirror or if you are tired of your boring living room, these fresh bugs are the perfect secret to change your home décor. Try it and you will find out why.

Bugs Bugs Invade the Luxury Furniture World 4We believe our pieces should have distinctive and individual character. We want to share our passion for the exclusive world of luxury furniture with all of our enthusiastic appreciators. Feel the emotion with these bugs and let they rock your home set!

Keep tuned and share your opinion with us!

Bugs Bugs Invade the Luxury Furniture World bb art 750