Change is good, but only if you embrace it. Change is a chance to stop doing what’s not working; start doing things that would work better, and keep doing the things that work well.


Change is the ultimate opportunity for transformation. When any great change happens, it’s a chance to do a reset. It’s a chance for a fresh start. It’s a chance to let things go. It’s a chance to create a vision for the future. It’s also a chance to reinvent yourself, which many times means bringing out more of who you are. And this change can also be applicable on your modern home decoration.


The real beauty here is that the theme has an elegant design, with plenty of room for growth. You create a new energy, and people like to see what’s different. If done well, you find a theme that brings out your energy, or gives you a better platform to showcase your work, or helps inspire and ignite what you’re truly capable of. While changing things around, you stumble onto something that helps you take things to the next level … it’s serendipity in action.

As part of our special service, Boca do Lobo enables customers to personalize our Soho sideboard into countless variations and features. The drawers’ typology on Coleccionista bookshelf can be chosen according to your tastes and preferences. You are able to adjust the dimensions to suit your needs and create a one-of-a-kind bookcase.

"20th century design"

Coleccionista is a custom assembly shelves that is not only beautiful in appearance but also effective in function. Let’s imagine if this beautiful piece of furniture was installed in your contemporary room, it will be the limelight for all of your guests. The drawers have double sided in order you can decorate both divisions, as well as to ensure the functionality of this piece of furniture. Coleccionista can also be placed against a wall. At home or when you are working with your interior design projects you will have a lot of unexpected surprises.

"20th century design"

Here’s to new beginnings, and may big changes this year bring you great opportunity to renew, retool, and re-imagine what’s possible. Overall, we are absolutely sure that you will have a great and pleasant integrated brand new experience.

"20th century design"

Be inspired by all Boca do Lobo pieces of our collections to choose different types of drawers for this exclusive piece. Boca do Lobo is only pleased to honor special requests in the interest of exclusivity!