Discover The Most Amazing Luxury Furniture Design Ever

Based on the idea of merging a vast variety of materials into one and combined with a fortunate incident at the artisans’ atelier, Boca do Lobo came up with a fundamentally innovative design idea. An idea, out of the ordinary, to create storage furniture in the most creative and amusing-for-the-eye way. That is exactly what Boca do Lobo’s talented designers and artisans decided to do; original, inspiring pieces of furniture.

Playful and colorful, the most important member of the Pixel family, Pixel Cabinet can transform every living or dining room into a cheerful ambiance. A sense of music is created and the game is ready to begin. Pixel sets the rules and our senses take part in this dreamy journey of colors diffused on the walls. Every pixel triangle is ready to conquer the win and charm.

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Moreover, in the game take part three more highly essential players that compose the whole Pixel family. The Pixel Anodized cabinet, the Pixel nightstand and the Pixel Anodized Gold Legs cabinet are here to raise the level of the virtual game to the maximum. Their design not only impresses but also offers a pleasant tone and joy to every venue while creating a unique, fierce ambiance.


The game is infinite and the 1088 wooden triangles of the Pixel Cabinet play in a diversity of woods and finishes, as silver and gold leaf, colored lacquers, and ten different types of wood leaf. Even the interior part of this masterpiece shows power in a diamond quilted blue silk fabric with gold knobs and a space all finished in aged mirror.

Consequently, who would not be willing to participate in this spectacular game of colors and pixel art? Mixing both exclusive design and craftsmanship, Boca do Lobo has managed to get the best of both worlds and create splendid masterpieces.

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