Fall In Love With Contemporary Interior Designs by Noha Khaled

Rug’Society had the pleasure to have a conversation with Noha Khaled, a talented interior designer working for Hany Saad Innovations. This firm has established a strong reputation for offering the highest interior designs with a standard for excellence, space planning, and interior architecture. Based in New Cairo, Noha Khaled shares with us some of her most stunning interior designs that feature Rug’Society and Boca do Lobo products. Come take a look!

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Interior Designs by Noha Khaled

Interior Designs By Noha Khaled With Incredible Luxury Rugs

Noha Khaled‘s passion for design started in college while she was studying architecture. She loved her field of studies but as she stumbled upon the design and got the chance to design spaces and pay attention to the smallest details that would greatly influence people’s experiences and interactions within their intimate spaces, she couldn’t resist getting into interior design. She has now an incredible portfolio with amazing interior designs.

Interior Designs by Noha Khaled

“Interior Design is an art and if you’re not passionate about Art, most likely you will fail to be a good designer as it’s an essential to this job.”

Noha Khaled thinks one needs to be able to get influenced and inspired by each and everything in this universe, the designer must look at each object differently with a deeper detailed look to be able to
craft it in an innovative creative way to create amazing interior designs. A designer must develop outstanding knowledge of a diverse variety of styles, aesthetics and techniques despite their own personal preferences as one can simply infuse different elements and concepts from different styles to bring out something creative.

Interior Designs by Noha Khaled

A good interior designer must be a good researcher and knowledgeable about each type of space that they are going to create, the purpose of the space, the functionality, and the way of interacting with it. Finally, a designer needs to keep up with the latest design shifts and industry insights, so that they are always a step ahead of the clients as it helps interior designers find alternate, creative ways to scale new heights professionally.

Interior Designs by Noha Khaled

Noha Khaled prefers her designs to be bold and to be mixed with art, creating a cohesive space. She always wants the space to be functional yet dramatic while creating the perfect environment for the client. As for her preference, she likes mostly a modern contemporary style that is mixed with a luxurious touch.

Nº11 CHAIR by Boca do Lobo
Interior Designs by Noha Khaled
Interior Designs by Noha Khaled

Interior Designs by Noha Khaled

Noha Khaled confessed that the most satisfying and exciting part about her work is that it can be seen, felt, and experienced physically and emotionally. The interior design satisfies the artist in her by creating and inventing space and voids from scratch in whichever concept direction she decided to go.

Interior Designs by Noha Khaled

The interior designer also shared with us what is like to work for Hany Saad Innovations, a leading company in the field of interior design in Egypt.

Ever since I set my mind to work in the interior design field, I wanted to work at Hany Saad Innovations as the company is the leading one in interior design field in Egypt.”

Hany Saad Innovations has given her the opportunity to work on various different types of projects, giving her the freedom and space to create and invent new ideas and go far with her imagination without restrictions and limitations and providing new challenges along with vast exposure to international brands and solutions. The firm supports her and her designs to be bold, creative, and innovative embracing the designer’s imagination.

Interior Designs by Noha Khaled

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Interior Designs by Noha Khaled

Opulent Interior Designs By Noha Khaled

One of Noha Khaled’s favourite interior designs is the new one in New Cairo for Hany Saad Innovations. In this project, the client was open to creating and inventing new ideas in each space. It was challenging as each space had to have its own concept and unique idea, yet the spaces were designed to be integrated with each other in harmony, creating a cohesive dramatic space.

Interior Designs by Noha Khaled
Interior Designs by Noha Khaled

In this project specifically, Noha Khaled wanted to emphasize on the art. she used more than a rug from the Rugs Society to meet the artistic touch for this project. The VALENCIA RUG shines in the living room with its elegant design, as well as the COUPLE RUG. In the dining room, we have the AGATHA RUG, adding some fluidity to the space. These rugs couldn’t serve the design purpose any better according to Noha Khaled!

Interior Designs by Noha Khaled
Interior Designs by Noha Khaled

She usually uses these rugs to create an artistic center piece in her designs. She used the Couple rug to emphasize the direction of the space while using its colourful pattern to create a contrast with the furniture.

Interior Designs by Noha Khaled
Interior Designs by Noha Khaled

One of the most challenging things that Noha Khaled has faced in her career was the beginning of it, as she had to gain the trust of clients despite having limited experience. She made proof of perseverance and will as she rolled off her sleeves and started digging deep into research and studies until she was able to stand on solid ground.

Interior Designs by Noha Khaled
Interior Designs by Noha Khaled

One of the biggest highlights in her career, for now, is the project in Mauritius in which she designed the interior and the exterior prototype for a resort on the island. In this project specifically, she had to study the culture and the tropical nature of the island with its surroundings. She used local materials in her designs to reduce cost and embrace the vibes of the tropical island for a full end-user experience. It is an impressive project which features the beautiful IMPERIAL SNAKE RUG in it.

Interior Designs by Noha Khaled
Interior Designs by Noha Khaled

Noha Khaled praises Rug society’s products as it is one of her favourite brands.

There’s not a single rug in the collection that I don’t like!

She firmly affirmed that she will definitely use more of the collection in her upcoming interior designs and we can’t wait to see it! She can’t wait to show us her upcoming interior designs using some Rug’Society rugs. She feels very comfortable using those pieces that she is ready for a new collaboration with the brand on a bigger scale.

Interior Designs by Noha Khaled
Interior Designs by Noha Khaled

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Interior Designs by Noha Khaled
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