For the bedchamber of Louis XIV at Trianon, Boulle revolutionizes in 1708 a type of piece of furniture: the chest of drawers. On exhibition today in Versailles, the two chests of drawers of the king marvelously sum up the art of Boulle: the originality of this piece of furniture in its principle and its shape; marquetry of copper and tortoiseshell and an abundance of bronze details.


Boca do Lobo has created an exclusive and elegant chest of drawers. Capturing the originality of our beloved Boulle, we were also inspired by greatest classics of modern architecture.

"home modern decorarion"

Capturing the vitality of the forest, Frank Chest of Drawers pays homage to Frank Lloyd Wright’s Falling Water, this eye-catching piece that will memorize you with luminous textures of exotic woods, metallic leafs, lacquers, glass and mirror, which are interwoven rhythmically to create an amazing cascading chest of nine drawers. This house turned into a tourist attraction, not only for the design but also for the connection with nature. And besides, inspired the design of the Boca do Lobo’s piece called Frank.

"frank lloyd wright"

The rhythm of the water falls and the floors of the house are translated in the form of the piece, and the richness in details and uniqueness of the project was retraced in the materials used in its production: metallic leafs, lacquers, glass and mirror, all of them interconnected and giving cadence and elegance to this furniture with an untold design.


Frank Chest of Drawers has a set of 9 drawers with different materials and finishing. Each drawer represents the universe of materials used by Boca do Lobo: ebony geometric mosaic veneer finished in a matte varnish and encased in a smoked glass box; hand carved wood finished in a high gloss black lacquer; beveled smoked mirror over wood; walnut veneer finished with a high gloss varnish and encased in a tempered translucent glass box; antiqued beveled mirror over wood; birds eye maple wood veneer finished in a high gloss varnish; beveled mirror over wood; burl wood veneer finished with a high gloss varnish and hand carved wood coated with cooper leaf finished with a translucent black high gloss varnish.

"modern home decoration"

This creation reinforces the status of the art of furniture, reflected in the most beautiful and sophisticated drawers that defy time and space. All drawers were worked by hand respecting the highest standards of quality, whether in the fine materials used, or in all the finishing details.


The high level of demand is revealed in all phases of this creation, from its conception, until the finishing touch. The end result is the satisfaction of the customer’s dreams. This is the inspiration of Boca do Lobo’s furniture.

"modern home decoration"

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