House Of Boca do Lobo – A Digital Experience For Every Design Lover

Feeling a bit bored during these unusual times, and are craving exquisite experiences? Design Limited Edition has you covered! We have some exciting news for you, as we have all the inside scoop on Boca do Lobo‘s newest endeavour: House Of Boca do Lobo, a Private Virtual Tour. New exciting launches, over the top entertainment and curated partner collaborations, all in one exclusive experience that is sure to be one for the books!

Did we leave you wanting more? Well stick with and to find out!

Boca do Lobo was founded in 2005 and, early-on, it committed to reinterpreting ancient techniques of fine craftsmanship to create unexpected pieces of contemporary design. The brand will break the classic rule of design with a whole au courant language, conceiving an immersive experience through senses and feelings all in one space: 2020 Virtual Tour of the official Boca do Lobo House. The official opening of the Private Online Presentation will be on April 16th!

Private Virtual Tour – An Exclusive and Innovative Experience

For Boca do Lobo‘s 15º Anniversary, the design brand gathered all of its most desired concepts to create the perfect marriage between contemporary design and handcrafted unique pieces into a new concept: A Virtual House.

This private experience will focus on an interactive walk-around tour in order for you to explore the newest design creations as well as others time-honoured limited edition pieces, surrounded by surprising over the top indoors and flamboyant outdoors.

A Private Lounge Area will also be available, where you’ll relax and enjoy a curated selection of music, by the brand’s Creative Director Marco Costa, as well as some other surprise special guests! Other surprises will include outstanding partner collaborations with the world’s most renowned brands, as well as striking and utterly impressive entertainment.


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New Launches

During a time of the year where normally all eyes would be on Milan, the design capital of the world, Boca do Lobo felt encouraged to present with strength and boldness new design concepts, unique experiences and unforgettable moments too! Be sure to stay tuned for all the exciting new pieces the brand has prepared for you!

Curious For More? Discover some of Boca do Lobo’s already iconic designs:


This year has been challenging to everyone, yet we couldn’t stop to keep up our mission. The world is evolving to a new way of living, and to learning to appreciate their homes like never before.” – Marco Costa, Creative Director at Boca do Lobo



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