Luxury Furniture For Your Italian Living Room

The Living Room is probably the most important room in the house, principally when the family likes to be returned to enjoy some relaxing time. That’s what happens with typical Italian families. With this in mind, Design Limited Edition Blog brings to you a special selection of luxury furniture for your Italian living room!

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In this living room with walls in dark tones, the color and brightness come from the two Eden Coffee Tables in the center, and the white armchairs around them. This living room is all decor with exclusive luxury furniture with straight lines that represents the modern design that is present in Italian rooms.

living room with golden coffee table, and white armchairs

Get The Look: Eden Center Table
golden eden center table

The mystic behind the name inspires Eden. A slice of the tree of life that fell from the Garden
of Eden
, this accent coffee table awakens desire and curiosity with its intriguing cut. Born
from master artisans and the ancient technique of polished cast brass, this statement
design piece incorporates nature-inspired design with industrious welding techniques. 

golden eden center table
golden eden center table

With delicate lines and bold details, a manually engraved top exposes the heart of a golden tree,
boasting a sinuous gold-plated base that stood the test of time. The remarkable and already
time-honored piece, the Eden coffee table combines contemporary and modern
design styles. It is also available as a set of two tables to suit any environment waiting
for superior craftsmanship and iconic design.

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Unlike the room above, this living room has a light color principle on the walls, which makes the room bigger. Here the principal exclusive luxury furniture piece is the Glance Round Mirror, with golden details. However, the round chandelier also draws attention because of the crystal and gold combination!

living room with grey sofa and round and gold coffee table

Get The Look: Glance Mirror
big round glance mirror

With order being the pleasure of the reason, the disorder is the delight of emotions. What seems confused and cluttered can, in a glance, acquire a new meaning capable of inspiring and becharming us. The Glance Mirror tells a story about the crossroads of life and the reason for the chaos. 

glance mirror details
glance mirror details

The concept of a defragmented statement mirror brings out its noblest gold backdrop meticulously handcrafted by the most skilled goldsmiths. A contemporary wall mirror with a gold
accent for contemporary interiors and elegant rooms. From stylish bedrooms to upscale
halls or living rooms. The unique beauty of this round mirror comes from daring to risk
and challenge conventional design through the finest craftsmanship.

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Neutral and clean living room with an amazing dark beige Odette modern sofa! This Modern sofa is the central piece in this living room, and at the same time makes a fantastic combination with the walls and the rest of the luxury furniture but simple decor.

neutral iving room with dark beige in sofa

Get The Look: Odette Sofa
odette sofa in white wit golden details

Inspired by the Swan Lake Op. 20, ballet composed by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, Odette Modern
tells the story of a princess turned into a swan by an evil sorcerer’s curse. 

odette sofa detail
odette sofa detail

Its sweeping silhouette is accentuated with a polished brass structure and an asymmetric back
that offers a sophisticated design and timeless appeal.

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A side table is an incredible piece for having in your living room. They have many proposes but the principal is been by your side to give support for you put your book our your drink. In this room, the side table is very notable because of its marble and gold combination that makes this side table a gorgeous luxury furniture piece. As you can see in this room you can see it right by side your sofa, or you want in another zone of your room.

living room with golden coffee table and gey sofa

Get The Look: Stonehenge Side Table
stonehenge Side Table in brown marble

Found inspiration in the prehistoric monument Stonehenge, positioned asymmetrically and
composed of a striking variety of finishes and materials – brass and marble.

stonehenge Side Table in brown marble
stonehenge Side Table in brown marble

This coffee table promises to elevate your living space to the next level. The metallic hues make an elegant contrast while beautifully combining and paying tribute to the Neolithic and Bronze Ages.

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Sometimes simplicity is required! Simple luxury furniture that is a must-have in any house, this kind of piece is made of the richest materials but for their straight lines, they can be used in any room. This is the case of the Aquarius Coffe Table, a simple round luxury furniture piece that shines in any room.

Get The Look: Aquarius Coffee Table
Aquarius Silver Coffee Table

Aquarius is a special luxury furniture piece and a very unique center table. An evocative of a fine jewelry piece, this striking table blends a certain delicacy with its strong contrasting character, perfect for your contemporary living room.

Aquarius Silver Coffee Table
Aquarius Silver Coffee Table

Aquarius will add a touch of elegance to your home décor. Its tempered smoked glass top
rests on a perfectly curved polished stainless steel base. Center table with a tempered
smoked glass top supported by a stainless steel structure.

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