Metamorphosis Series: Breaking Creative Boundaries

Metamorphosis Series: Breaking Creative BoundariesBy definition, metamorphosis indicates an alteration is a physical build and structure, commonly associated with insects. As a great novel of the 20th Century, written by a phenomenal thinker for his time, Franz Kafka, Metamorphosis digs deep introspection, unknowingly looking for meaning or something to hang on to. Discover metamorphosis series designed by Boca do Lobo!

1This is the word which rung in conversation and thought, and has come to symbolize a new line of thought, and design inspiration for Boca do Lobo.

On redesigning, and completely transforming one of Boca do Lobo’s classics, the Diamond sideboard, fitted into the Metamorphosis ideal. Marco Costa, head of design from Boca do Lobo says: “It all started as a funny game between designers, who could make the same look different? Upon laying out a selection of bugs on the piece, we thought… why not?!”

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Putting aesthetic standards, and the meaning of beauty to test, the Metamorphosis series seeks to provoke a questioning within the evolutionary context. The current three-piece series, takes Boca do Lobo’s core selection of materials, wood and brass which undergo a series of new treatment processes, to complete such a challenging design.

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4The statement is out, and the Metamorphosis has just begun. The fight between all kind of bugs for the domain of several Boca do Lobo iconic pieces have just begun and it will be a hell of a ride. Antique furniture pieces become new and offer an entirely new perspective of interior design and luxury furniture.

Bugs invade the luxury furniture world! Tell us your opinion about it…