The Secret Furniture Sketches by Boca do Lobo: an Undisclosed World

Sketches are the beginning of great ideas and creatives works. They are the expression of absolute freedom to explore new furniture designs and discover edgy concepts. Take a peep at these secret furniture sketches by Boca do Lobo and feel free to get inspiration for your own drawing.

bl-limited-edition-750In John Ruskin’s words, “all art is but dirtying the paper delicately”. Marco Costa and Alexandre are the names of Boca do Lobo design team and the main responsible for the unorthodox and bold pieces for all kind of interior design projects. They have thousands of drawings inside them waiting for an opportunity to win life.

The Secret Furniture Sketches by Boca do Lobo: an Undisclosed World

Drawing is crucial to understand better your ideas, to see what you’re looking at more clearly. Boca do Lobo furniture is an exclusive emotional experience, a sense of belonging and a state of mind. The Portuguese design studio strive to encourage sensational experiences by creating beautiful pieces which are passionately inspired and handcrafted in Portugal by a staff that loves what they do.

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The designers possess an undeniable talent for composing pieces which stir emotion in their admirers. Their artisan’s wisdom, accumulated from years of experience, is instilled with love and dedication in the art that they perform. No detail or element is overlooked as they offer the best at the frontier between design and art. Each piece will bring you on a journey to sources of pleasure you may have forgotten, and take you to places you have never been before.

The Secret Furniture Sketches by Boca do Lobo: an Undisclosed WorldThe design is the core of Boca do Lobo being. Each piece reflects a special dedication to design, with a unique personality and sophisticated character. Elegance and refinement are present in all creations and reveals a timeless passion for creativity. Details are not just details for Boca do Lobo designers. They are the true design!

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bl_worldBoca do Lobo’s collections are the result of the collaboration of the design team with the common goal to conceive pieces with the highest level of prestige. At the end, it is impossible not feeling the passion in each single furniture piece!


A great drawer is either confirming beautifully what is commonplace or probing authoritatively the unknown. And it is the passion for the new and innovative that inspires Boca do Lobo ‘s designers every day. They spend so much time sketching new furniture piece, that you can feel like they could spend a whole lifetime just painting their ideas on a piece of paper. They don’t draw straight lines but provocative and sensible luxury details, oriented by some of the best illustrators and designers of the world.

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