Textile Artists: The Innovation Of A New Material World In Craftsmanship

Design Limited Edition discovers 10 textile artists that are changing the game in the art of Craftsmanship and brings you the finest works of these contemporary artists. Like every type of art, textile art tells a story, but nowadays the story comes to dress in many forms: fiber art, tapestry, weaving, embroidery, knitting, and often spreads beyond the borders of art into fashion or even design. These new textile artists are weaving together the rich variety of fiber art in new ways!

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Craftsmanship Textile Artists

Richard McVetis
richard mcvetis

“McVetis’ practice is deeply rooted in process, and intrinsic to this is hand embroidery.  He records time and space through multiples of dots, lines, and crosses.”

Richard McVetis. Source: Website- About it

A series of hand-embroidered cubes exploring the passage of time. The title of each cube refers to the number of hours and minutes spent sewing each piece. This project seeks to visualize and make the time a tactile and tangible object.

Faig Ahmed 

Faig Ahmed, a craftsmanship textile artist, is an Azerbaijani contemporary visual artist known for his surrealist weavings that integrate visual distortions into traditional oriental rugs.

faig ahmed Craftsmanship artist
Faig Ahmed- Seyid Yahya Bakuvi (Shirvani), 2021

The rugs – with optical illusions in textile form – warp, melt, pixelate, crumble, and seem to spill from the wall and fall to the floor like intricate puddles of liquid.

Tanya Aguiñiga

tanya aguiñiga

Tanya Aguiñiga is an artist, designer, and activist from Los Angeles who spent her childhood in Tijuana, Mexico. During this period, she traveled several hours a day across the border to attend school in San Diego, an experience that would have a profound impact on her work.

Her furniture, fabrics, wearables, sculptures, and site-specific installations embrace a spectrum of natural materials, from beeswax to human hair, and weave together complex ideas of gender and nationality.

The artist’s craftsmanship uses frequently collaborates with artists and activists to create community-based sculptures, installations, performances, and collective art projects.

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Sanford Biggers 
sanford biggers

Sanford Biggers was raised in Los Angeles and currently lives and works in New York City. He is the recipient of numerous awards. More recently, he was named Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Visiting Professor and Academic in the MIT Department of Architecture in 2021-2022.

“Sanford Biggers’ work is an interplay of narrative, perspective, and history that speaks to current social, political, and economic happenings while also examining the contexts that bore them. “

Sanford Biggers- Source: Website- Bio

sanford biggers Craftsmanship artist
Sanford Biggers- Premise, 2021. Antique quilts, birch plywood, gold leaf.
Sheila Hicks

For over half a century, she has removed the Craftsmanship seams between art, architecture, and design with bold and innovative work often dominating public spaces.

Hicks’ work draws on everything from Peruvian and Bolivian archaeological sites to pre-Columbian fabrics.

portrait of sheila hicks
Portrait of Sheila Hicks, 2011. Source: Giulia Noni 

Sheila Hicks’s work is in the collections of the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Museum of Modern Art, New York City; Museum of Fine Arts Boston; The Art Institute of Chicago; the Victoria & Albert Museum, London; Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam; Centre Pompidou, Paris; the Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo; Museo de Bellas Artes, Santiagosolo exhibitions at the Seoul Art Center, Korea; Israel Museum, Jerusalem.

sheila hick Craftsmanship artist
“Lignes de Vie” Centre Pompidou

In Hicks’ work, textile craftsmanship art is sculpture, painting, architecture, and an independent discipline in its own right. The artist’s flagship exhibition, ‘Off Grid’, is open at Hepworth Wakefield, in the UK, on April 7, 2022.

Billie Zangewa

From Malawian and South African origins, artist Billie Zangewa hand sews silk fabrics to create collage tapestries. Since 2004, her art has been featured in international exhibitions, including the Paris Art Fair at the Grand Palais in Paris.

The artist is known for creating moving stories of femininity, domesticity, motherhood, and the exploration of the black female body in delicate, hand-stitched pieces of raw silk.

billie zangewa Craftsmanship artist
Billie Zangewa- An Angel at My Bedside, 2020, Hand-stitched silk collage

Billie Zangewa with the textile craftsmanship art explores gender stereotypes and sociopolitical notions around the devaluation of female work. Through the self-portrait, the artist also critically confronts the male gaze and, conversely, explores how a female gaze on femininity can be.

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Chiharu Shiota

Chiharu Shiota was born in Osaka, Japan, and nowadays lives and works in Berlin.

“Confronting fundamental human concerns such as life, death and relationships, Shiota explores human existence throughout various dimensions by creating an existence in the absence either in her large-scale thread installations that include a variety of common objects and external memorabilia or through her drawings, sculptures, photography and videos.”

Source: Website- Biography

His labyrinthine textile craftsmanship art creations are vast, surreal waves of blood-red, black or white threads, and look almost as if humans can spin webs. In these creations, the artist usually attaches objects of personal meaning, such as clothes, keys, boats, suitcases and even herself.

Gabriel Dawe 

“Originally from Mexico City, Gabriel Dawe creates site-specific installations that explore the connection between fashion and architecture, and how they relate to the human need for shelter in all its shapes and forms.”

Gabriel Dawe- Source: Website- Bio

Through his craftsmanship art, Gabriel explores the intersection of fashion, architecture, and optical illusion.

The artist’s craftsmanship uses common polyester embroidery threads to create extraordinary illusions that resemble something close to vivid laser projections.

Anna Ray

The artist’s craftsmanship has a knack for harnessing the emotive power of their materials.

Predominantly fiber-based, the artist’s work spans silk, cotton, velvet, wool and paper, often using humble household materials such as a sewing machine, scissors, pliers and needle.

SOURCE: Wallpaper

Stay with us to discover more Textile Artists’ Craftsmanship!

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