True Luxury is Handcrafted

What is the true luxury?

True luxury is a restful, deep, uninterrupted night of sleep.  It doesn’t happen by accident. Is clothes tailored for your body. Is a handbag that gains value as years go by. True luxury is access to art. It doesn’t need ceremonies or circumstances to attract attention, because it’s the best quality when experienced and will speak for its self.

True Luxury is HandcraftedTrue luxury is not something easy to have, because it goes through a very accurate and delicate process of creation. The true luxury is a business taken from French and Italian model, which stands for careful and authentic quality, which evokes emotions and a sense of well-being.

SEE ALSO-  18th Century Design, the new trendbl-dining-tables-750In terms of interior design, luxury stands for limited, timeless, unique, and precious pieces of furniture that give not just colors to the interior spaces but also a soul, a character and a piece of history.  In a world of ready- made, where the only things we make with our hands are emails and online messages, the handmade and handcrafted pieces are sometimes hard to understand, the effort, talent, determination that goes into making something from scratch.  Like for instance understanding the creation from scratch of a sideboard that transmits deep historical emotions, the dedication of time for each painting line, for each gesture, this patience and talent is priceless.

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Without craftsmanship Boca do Lobo, wouldn’t be Boca do Lobo.  A high quality piece of furniture is a piece of art, even if you will never have the chance to meet the artisan who created that piece of art, you’ll be the recipient of the passion, dedication, years of experience, love that was poured into the product.

true luxury is handcrafted traditional modernSlowly, step by step, respecting the traditional skills while trying always renovating, keeping in mind the balance, piece by piece, as in this exceptional Glance Mirror. This is for Boca do Lobo the handmade poetry, rhyming the pieces with each other while celebrating authentic design.

true luxury is handcrafted home decoration


So, what is true luxury for Boca do Lobo? True luxury is persistence for perfection. True luxury is the finest product. True luxury connects the past with the future. True luxury is true craftsmanship, having on your products the fingertips from the one who created with passion and devotion, this kind of connection makes us more human.

So what is luxury for you? We would love to hear your opinion, share it with us or read more here